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About Us

Welcome to An Elliott Abroad. A blog that follows us (the Elliott family) as we travel the world. Share in our smiles, laughter, sulks and tantrums.

This blog is a diary of sorts and a way for us to keep our memories alive and to share with other families or anyone who cares to read about what we are upto,or  maybe nobody will read it and if that happens then thats fine to,  I will just talk to myself, ha ha!

We do not consider ourselves to be particularly rebellious but the lifestyle that we have chosen is not a traditional one and it has evolved naturally over a few years and culminated in us taking our children out of school and making the work/life balance work in our favour, we strive for freedom and avoid restraints, maybe some would say we  avoid responsibility, but we have had plenty of that in the past and its over rated.

So, my opinions are my own, my ramblings will ramble and if I offend anyone then I apologise now,  It’s a big world out there and we are going to try to see as much of it as we can while we can, with two children in tow. Wish us luck.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Scottie Elliott

    Hi Elliott family!

    I stumbled upon your blog when trying to come up with a name for our own family travel blog. We are the Elliott family too it’s even spelled the same, but it seems like we have more in common then just our name. My husband, 5yr old son and I recently left our monotonous, hustle & bustle, 9-5 desk job lifestyle in search of a slower paced and more fulfilling life. We also agree responsibility is over rated:)

    Our tentative plan is to spend at least 6 months (hopefully longer) traveling in SE Asia. We are currently living in Bali and will be here until the end of March. We will then head to Thailand but the rest of our travel is up in the air.

    Looks like you and your family are about a year ahead of us in your travels. I’m so excited to read your past posts and look forward to following you on your future adventures.

    Safe travels!
    Scottie, Brian, & Elijah

    • Adele2014

      Hi brother Elliotts, ha ha, so lovely to hear you re following your dream, we loved Bali and, well, all of Asia. We have had to temporarily stop for a while but wish to continue in the future. If you have started your blog I would love to read it, please post a link for me. I still have many posts that are so far in my head and not typed up yet so hopefully we can continue on here even though we are in England again for a while. Our life as ex pats in Spain I havnt even started yet.

      Have fun, enjoy yourselves and relish every moment, happy travels to you too,


  2. Mindy

    I can’t imagine doing it all with two little ones! Looking forward to reading more!

    • Adele2014

      Thankyou for your comment, The kids really took everything in their stride, we got a lot of other travellers telling us they thought it was great to see kids out there as they were told by there parents to travel before having kids, I hope a few of them can see that it is possible and its a great experience for them. We didn’t get to many nights out though, were in bed before things got going, ha ha.

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